Michael Cunningham "The Hours" meets "Why Didn't I Notice Her Before?"

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The summer of 1984, at 16, I attended Hotchkiss prep school, to study creative writing. The writer in residence, my teacher, was none other than Michael Cunningham. He had just published Golden States and was a rising star on the literary scene. I immediately had a crush on him. His writing has continued to inspire me over the years, in particularly, his novel The Hours.

It is as if the characters in The Hours and I share one simple disturbing truth, we aren’t able to fully appreciate the phrase Carpe Diem due to our incapability of living in the moment.

Sometimes I dream that "Why Didn’t I Notice Her Before?” magically folds into the pages of “The Hours”, and my story weaves in between those of Clarrissa, Virginia and Laura. We are all trying to get through the hours of one’s life, let alone find the meaning and purpose of it. While my book is not The Hours, Cunningham’s Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, Why Didn’t I Notice Her Before? does evoke what it means to be someone who is preoccupied with questioning the choices made in her life. 

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