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“Why Didn’t I Notice Her Before?” has had an impact far beyond my expectations and it just launched. I am proud to say Amazon ranked the book #1 in cancer the first week of release. However, I intended it to reach beyond the cancer book category and I hit my goal. The reviews have almost all been from people who have connected to my story on a human level not just one of sickness.

It turns out my authenticity is what people are responding to; the same authenticity that nearly kept me from publishing. I get asked if I will make money on the book. It’s not likely, but it is already extremely profitable. My mom taught me what it means to be rich. Undeniably it is this outpouring of support, love and connection I have received.

For years I criticized my worth and productivity, blamed my neurosis for holding me back as I was battered by anxiety and regret. My biggest complaint was that fighting my demons left no time to achieve anything real. Who knew those demons were plotting all along, weaving my disturbing thoughts into something relatable. Took long enough. I can accept my depression, because it is who I am. It’s formed my thinking, and when allowed, driven me to create. It always has. My blog Loneliness speaks to that.

When I wrote “Why Didn’t I Notice Her Before?” I struggled coming up with a synopsis referred to as the elevator speech. Isolating the concept of the book in a compelling way was by far the most difficult part of the process. Your reviews are so much better than I could have ever written. They have gotten to the heart of what makes this book unique. Thank you all for making me believe my book is significant. Every time I hear “I couldn’t put it down,” I get an enormous gift.

- Beth Cramer

Beth Cramer is an accomplished editor and director of independent films, commercials and music videos. She is the author of WHY DIDN'T I NOTICE HER BEFORE? Irreverent, painfully honest and often hilarious, Why Didn’t I Notice Her Before? is a beautifully observed memoir that finds courage and humor in the face of undefeatable odds.


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